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Board of Directors Meeting

 31 August 2018
 PP Sameer's Residence
 Agenda for Board Meeting to be held on 31st August, 2018 To be hosted by Rtn. Sameer Rupani at his residence 1. To confirm the minutes of the Board Meeting held on 28th July, 2018 and to consider the points, if any, arising out of the same. 2. To consider and approve the Accounts of the Club and Trust for the month July 2018 3. To consider resignations if any and induction of new members, if any. 4. To discuss the programmes scheduled for the next four weeks in the month of September 2018. 5. To discuss the Leave of Absence requested by IPP Prince Paul. 6. To discuss the forthcoming Debates Project. 7. To discuss the Sleeping Kits Project. 8. Any other points with the permission of the Chair.
Board of Directors Meeting Board of Directors Meeting