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Understanding Cross Cultures

 9 May 2018
 Poona Club Ltd.
 Jill Sheldekar
 On Wed, the 9th of May, we all witnessed a trendsetting program at our club.The Facilitator Jill Sheldekar is an American, married to an Indian and now lives in Pune for the past decade or so. She runs a Cross Cultural Consulting Company and routinely travels and interacts with people from all over the world. A newbie entrepreneur could well dream of doing business anywhere in the Global Village. It’s all about understanding the local customer, their needs, their way of lives, their preferences. Interacting with people from different lands is all about understanding their culture. A simple game of cards we played explain how it can be so difficult to adjust in different cultures without effective communication and understanding their values and belief. We also talked about the different cultural aspects across Geographies and some of those include 1. Direct communication to Indirect Communication 2. Hierarchical to Non-Hierarchical Structure 3. Collective Vs Individual Meeting was followed by Chinese Themed Dinner.